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It is very important that you take measures to guard yourself against the potential health risks that come with traveling in some countries of the world. Immunizations are recommended, and in many cases required, for particular destinations. The immunization is made available in the form of vaccinations and oral medications.

How can I find out if I’ll need immunizations before going on my short-term overseas ministry?
  • Contact the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) at 800.232.4636 (general information) or go to www.cdc.gov.
  • See if a local hospital, clinic, or county health department in your area has a "traveler's clinic."
  • Talk to your personal physician.
  • Talk to your travel agent, especially if the agency does a large volume of foreign travel ticketing.
  • Talk to your missionary, who will know in what context you will be living/ministering and to what diseases you could potentially be exposed.
How do I actually get the immunization?
  • Make an appointment with your personal physician.
  • Make an appointment with a local "traveler's clinic" or health department

Note: Assemblies of God World Missions reserves the right to withdraw travel approval for any individual who does not heed the recommendations of the CDC and the host missionary.