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Finland, Europe

Opportunity #2941

MAPS Volunteer (1-11 months)

Volunteer (up to 1 month)

Type: Compassion and Human Trafficking

Brief Description:

The participant will receive training regarding human trafficking and explore what working within after-care in a residential care unit for women and children looks like in the Finnish context. Participant will contribute to the daily life of the house by being a full team member of the team. The participant will also be part of a ministry team in Finland and involved in church visits, events, etc. Participant will be familiarized with the local church. The participant will receive mentorship throughout the stay and have the possibility to explore future steps connected to anti-trafficking and missions.

Details of Ministry:

The residential care unit is a Christian run home-like environment for victims of human trafficking and their children. Our vision is for people who have been victims of human trafficking to become empowered to fully participate in society as they recover in a safe and loving environment. A holistic approach to empowerment includes supporting the residents in activities related to daily living as well as matters related to the mind, body, and spirit. A client-centered and trauma-informed perspective is important to the work of the ministry.

Care is provided around the clock with a diverse and multi-disciplinary team and volunteers. English and Finnish are used as primary languages of the team, while different languages are used with the residents. Having enough volunteers to help run the house is essential to its functioning. Besides running the residential care unit, the ministry aims to do awareness raising and training events, develop support work for survivors in Finland and is looking for creative ways to do fundraising. 

Participants Profile:

Mature Christian woman that is willing to learn by coming alongside a team for a minimum of 6 weeks period. Participant does not have to have previous experience from anti-human trafficking work but have a heart for serving women from vulnerable backgrounds. Cultural sensitivity, pro-activeness, self-reflection and honesty with self and the team along with good communications skills are essential to the work. 

Depending on the participant’s skills and interests, it will be possible to plan and be involved in the daily life of the residents and the home through recreation, life skills training etc. Involvement and development of other ministry related events is welcomed. The participant will be expected to function as a full team member with taking on shifts as the night worker (sleep on site), if possible.



Language: It is a must that you understand and speak English. 

Other languages used commonly: Farsi, Arabic, Urdu, Dari, Chinese, Russian etc. 

A driver’s license is a plus but not mandatory.

Dates: We need volunteers all the time, we are flexible in finding an appropriate timing and length of stay.


Accommodation is offered free of charge on site of the residential care unit. An independent apartment on site is offered for the volunteer, if available, or one of the rooms in the house. The possibility of finding accommodation in the nearby town can be explored, but this option comes with an additional expense. 


Meals are not provided. Participant is responsible for one’s grocery shopping and meal preparations. 

Travel Arrangements:

Finland does not require covid-testing or proof, but do check the specific requirements connected with your country of departure. Pick-up from airport is provided for. 


Due to the nature of the ministry, mental health and personal history with trauma are to be taken into account and discussed prior to and with the unit staff. 

Visa info:

It is possible to stay with a tourist visa in Finland for up to 3 months (or 90 days?) For periods longer than 3 months, EU-country residents can do so by simply registering in the country, or applying for the necessary visa permits.