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Belgium, Europe


MA (1-2 years)

Type: Accounting and Bookkeeping, Administrative, and Secretarial, Office, Administration and Clerical

The Accounts Receivable Accountant (AR Accountant) is supporting the Main Accountant and Head of Business Office in the accounting area of all Accounts Receivable and working under his responsibility. The person administrates the whole area of Accounts Receivable in the CTS Accounting and manages all entries in that area to receive the complete numbers for the monthly and annual reports. This includes all invoicing and payments for students, faculty/staff, conferences and others. Additionally, there are also other various administrative matters to handle that falls in the responsibility of the Business Office. Finally, the AR Accountant serves students at the cash register, receives possible guests referring them to the requested departments, and handles main phone calls from outside in cooperation with the other administration workers in the business office.

The position of an AR Accountant is normally 50-100% depending on his/her availability. The structure of the work hours can be considered together with the Head of the Business Office. The A/R accountant has a fully equipped separate office in the Business Office. He or she is required to work with CDM+, an individual accounting application, MS Office, and other software applications. Finally, it is expected of the A/R Accountant to work in full integrity and not to pass on any financial information to other people outside the office.


1. Responsibility over all Accounts Receivable matters: administrating student financial accounts and records, creating invoices and receipts for all payments and filing all of them in prepared folders.

2. Dealing with all financial issues of students: accounts detail statement, financial student record-list, reminding students of any outstanding balance.

3. Working with various A/R reports and presenting them on request to the administration.

4. Email contact to off-campus students concerning any financial matters of studies.

5. Preparing and booking cash deposits.

6. Further administration matters: van usage and logbooks, laundry coins list, and all other student administration matters.

7. Operation of the cash register together with other administration workers.

8. Answer the main phone together with other administration workers.

9. Possible to enter other book keeping data like direct ledger entries and accounts payable.


• Professional degree in the Commercial Administration area.

• Preferable some experience in accounting and finances.


1. Working with clear Christian Ethics for finances.

2. Good language skill in English and, if possible, also some in French.

3. IT skills in MS Office; open to learn new accounting applications.

4. Ability to effectively communicate, verbally and in writing.

5. Ability to work independently and in a thorough and proper manner.

6. Ability to work in a healthy team environment.