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Wales, Europe


MAPS Volunteer (1-11 months)

MA (1-2 years)

Type: Campus Ministry, Children's Ministry, Church and Outreach, and Church Planting

If you’ve never had tea with a Welsh family or eaten a Welsh meal, you’ll certainly get the opportunity to do that. You can get to know people’s family members who are not connected with the church and work to build new relationships. Make inroads in local clubs and community activities and see how God opens doors! Plan an activity for a Welsh church. You’ll find that Welsh people are a very hospitable group!

There is a major shortage of pastoral leadership and the churches can use support both short term and long-term. There is such a large need for pastors for all ministries - youth, children's worship, etc. You could be plugged into one local church or also build children's outreaches with the support of many local churches. Ask how you can best fit the many needs we have!

There would also be team building time with the other workers in Wales. It is important to be flexible and know that working in Wales will require a large amount of flexibility. Guided independence is a good way to look at it. Cultural adaptation and a willingness to put oneself aside and invest heavily in the lives of others.

Church service and volunteer experience is a must. No language learning is needed although there will be resources to help understand the various dialects and accents. Living expenses will be similar to that of the US. Short term workers can be housed with a host family.

Available starting in 2020 (apply now!)