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MA (1-2 years)

Type: Children's Ministry

BaseCamp Tanzania

Do you have a desire to work in children’s ministry? In East Africa, we are looking to launch teams to work with our national church partners. Among those teams we will need people who will champion children’s ministry. Our basecamp is stage one in the process. You will live in community with veteran missionaries while participating in various types of missionary work including children’s ministries in local African churches. Have the opportunity to dialogue with numerous experienced missionaries, Tanzanian pastors and African church leaders about the work they do to discover what drives them. Learn Swahili, immerse yourself in the culture, study about the various people groups living in East Africa, and clarify the call of God in your life, then pray about joining a team to work with one of our national churches in the region. (1 to 2 year commitment preferred)

* Sensitive Area