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Indonesia, Asia Pacific


MAPS Volunteer (1-11 months)

MA (1-2 years)

Type: Campus Ministry, Church Planting, and ESL or TESL

We’re planting a church among the unreached and looking for an outgoing, adaptable, and enthusiastic college campus intern to come to our beautiful tropical setting. Why not spend yourself for up to a year in a majority Muslim city? Bandung, Indonesia, is nestled in the hills of Java and boasts a wonderful climate (80°+ days, 70° nights).

Bandung is a trend-setter for Indonesian fashions and music. It has millions of people, with at least 6 major universities and dozens of colleges. Students here are friendly and love to try out their English. However, they are taught to be resistant to the gospel.

You must be a learner, a self-starter who doesn’t need micro-management, and willing to work with and be accountable to a team. You’ll teach English (or at least hang out to speak English) or life skills, and recruit students for events. The goal is to design a college program for at least one major campus. Chi Alpha interns welcome! A vital part of your task is building enduring relationships with students and faculty.

You can earn university internship credit if you supply the paperwork