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Nurture Hope Anti-Trafficking Network, International Ministries

Opportunity #2268

MAPS Volunteer (1-11 months)

Type: Human Trafficking, Media, and Technical (Computer, Graphics, Web, Sound)

This internship will focus on research into specific ways that media shapes our identity with a view to aiding young families in their media selection and consumption. Suggested research topics include sexuality and consumerism as they relate to the exploitation industry. This internship may need to be a team effort, involving curriculum writers, graphic designers, and media developers. The end product is a short series (three-minute presentations) on making smart media choices as young parents. Each series needs a script (research properly footnoted), a tri-fold or one-page handout, and supportive media such as PowerPoints and/or videos. The internship may be based either at a school/home location or at the Nurture Hope offices.