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Arab World*, Eurasia


MA (1-2 years)

Type: ESL or TESL and Teaching, School Administration and Library

Benjamin Franklin Academy is offering semester abroad and internships to students who are working on and/or have finished their degree (Early Childhood Development, Elementary education, ESL, Administration, Music Education, Nursing, Library Science, etc.) and who would like to experience teaching English to preschool students. We are looking for students who would like to:

1. Serve through outreach and discipleship.

2. Teach English to Moroccan children with your skills.

3. Create global ties of friendship and professional integrity by working with a team of Moroccan teachers.

4. Learn the languages (French & Arabic) and the culture through classes at a local language center.

5. Intensify your passion for the lost with your team and other teams in the Arab world.

Our school can welcome up to 4 semester abroad students or interns who will be paired with experienced Moroccan teachers and whose duties will include: presentation of new material (GOLD curriculum); engaging students in games, conversation, stories, etc; performing other duties as assigned by the classroom teacher; working to establish open lines of communication; preparing community outreach activities; attending language classes; etc.

Cost for the semester: $1200/month for food, transportation, rent, utilities, living expenses, etc. + airplane trip $1800

Housing: students may be housed in Moroccan families, if desired.

With your help, we can be excellent educators in a unique and challenging setting!