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Eurasia Northwest*, Eurasia

Opportunity #2678

In places as diverse as Israel, Russia, Eastern Europe and even Iran, both Secularism and its close cousin, Post Christian thought, are growing world views which marginalize the claims of Christ and all faith. As famed Christian historian Christopher Henry Dawson said, “[Secularism] begins the moment men feel that religion is irrelevant to the common way of life and that society as such has nothing to do with the truths of faith.” Join with us on this Eurasia Experience Virtual trip to see how our teams in Eurasia are engaging with these people that God loves so much. Though they think they have left Him behind, God has not forgotten them, and Eurasia missionaries remind them of His powerful love. You will be encouraged to see that Secular and Post Christian women and men are opening their eyes to the eternal truth of Christ and will see how you can be a part of these transformative church planting movements.

Register at: https://eurasiacommunity.org/virtualmissionstrips.