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Stateside, Latin America Caribbean

Opportunity #2751

MAPS Volunteer (1-11 months)

Volunteer (up to 1 month)

Type: Media, Technical (Computer, Graphics, Web, Sound), and Writing, Editing and Translating

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI — Serve by helping to rejuvenate promotional and marketing materials for the Latin America Theological Seminary / FACULTAD. The materials would be geared primarily toward Spanish-speaking Pastors, Bible School Teachers, and Missionaries to increase their awareness and interest in this online program. Latin America Theological Seminary hosts 1300 Masters’ students, 45 professors, and 8 office staff that work together to train Spanish-speaking Bible-school teachers, Pastors, and Missionaries from every country in Latin America.

Assist for 3-11 months, producing lasting results through creative production as students you influence grow in their own ministry capacity. This opportunity also offers the chance to grow in your skills while getting to know the people of Latin America and becoming more comfortable in the Spanish language. While this MAPS volunteer will be incredibly appreciated, it is not a paid position. However, a tuition scholarship to the LATS Master’s program online (100% in Spanish) will be offered if a worker has the Bible prerequisites to enter the program.

This position can be filled from the LATS/FACULTAD headquarters in West Springfield, Missouri, or "virtually" from home.

To learn more about the Latin America Caribbean region, please explore www.lacworldmissions.org