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Type: Coffee Shop/Cafe and Community Development

2020 UR (Urban/Rural) Internship Program:

We host 3 LiveDead Urban/Rural (UR) Internships a year. These programs are designed to give the intern an overview of India’s diverse Urban and Rural locations. In the Spring and Fall programs, interns will be assigned to either an urban location or to a rural location, while our Summer program allows the intern the time to experience both an urban and a rural location in one trip. We work with each intern individually to find the right fit according to their talents and abilities with the right team and the platforms our teams are working through here on the ground.

We have a variety of platforms that we use to build relationships with the community. From sports coaching, coffee shops, fitness gyms, tea houses, art galleries, trekking, tailor work, administration teams, teaching English and more. Our goal is always to build relationships with those we are around and share the good news with them individually. We also aim to help grow interns on a personal level by reading books together as a team, hosting one on one meetings often, and holding to an encouraging atmosphere overall. The dates for 2020 are:

March 3rd-24th $2500 plus airfare deadline to apply is Jan 15th.

June 4th-July 15th $4400 plus airfare deadline to apply is Feb 16th.

October 3rd-24th $2500 plus airfare deadline to apply is August 15th.

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