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Indonesia, Asia Pacific


MAPS Volunteer (1-11 months)

Type: Church Planting and Technical (Computer, Graphics, Web, Sound)

You don’t have to be a prospective preacher for this one! If this sounds at all exciting to you, get in touch with us. You can be introverted or extroverted, want to get out a lot or prefer to stay in one place. We have sensitive information about an unreached people group that needs to be transferred from dozens of cassette tapes to a restricted-access group on the web. If you can design the website, even better! You’ll work at least a few hours a day on this project but use the rest of the time for other ministry-related things.

We’re planting a church among the unreached and looking for adaptable, hard-working, and adventurous interns to come to our beautiful tropical setting. Why not spend yourself in a majority Muslim city? You must be a learner, a self-starter who doesn’t need micro-management, and willing to work with and be accountable to a team.

Bandung, a university city, is a trend-setter for Indonesian fashions and music. It nestles in the hills of Java and boasts a wonderful climate (80°+ days, 70° nights). It has millions of people with big families and thousands of migrant young people on the streets. People here are friendly and love to try out their English. However, they are resistant to the gospel.