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Belgium, Europe


MA (1-2 years)

Type: Administrative, Campus Ministry, Coffee Shop/Cafe, Community Development, and Teaching, School Administration and Library

The kitchen chef is responsible for the kitchen and cafeteria operation. He or she guarantees the smooth operation of the school’s kitchen and the provision of the daily meals for students, faculty and staff; in total about 40 – 70 people. The kitchen chef is working in a team with an assistant, assigned students, and other faculty and staff. He or she is under the supervision of the Vice President of Operation. The kitchen chef also sits on the CTS Student Life Committee and works closely with the Student Life Director.

The kitchen chef normally lives in a provided on-campus apartment and can eat free of charge all meals at the cafeteria. The work days are normally from Monday to Friday, however, with some possible exceptions on some weekends during the school-year. During the official school holidays, the kitchen is closed. However, in the summer months there are different groups and conferences. If the kitchen chef is available, he or she would take charge of the kitchen in the summer and plan and prepare all the cooking for the groups and conferences with the summer-workers.


1. Plan and establish the weekly menus for the whole school-year in the frame of the Belgium kitchen regulations.

2. Purchase all needed food products in the local supermarket and market.

3. Prepare lunches from Monday to Friday (as the main daily meal).

4. Prepare either breakfasts or dinners from Monday to Friday.

5. Be in control of all the kitchen equipment and usage by assigned students.

6. Oversee the assigned students for breakfasts/dinners and weekends by giving direction and assisting them with any questions.

7. All this is done with the assistance and help of a kitchen assistant.


• Preferable Professional degree in cooking.

• Work experiences in a bigger church/school kitchen.


1. Working with clear Christian ethics and in an orderly manner.

2. Good language skills in English and, if possible, some competency in French.

3. Ability to work independently and to be thorough and proper in all duties.

4. Ability to communicate well and work in a healthy team environment.