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Central Eurasia*, Eurasia

Opportunity #2799

MAPS Volunteer (1-11 months)

Type: Church and Outreach and Church Planting

June 1-29, 2022 (FULL)

September 1-29, 2022

The Live Dead family is excited that you are interested in coming to visit Live | Dead Iran. Our goal is for you to gain a deeper understanding of missions among Iranian Muslims. Short-term teams add so much to our team life. We love the passion you bring with you and sincerely enjoy sharing our vision with you. Together, we can see the Kingdom advance.

The intensive is a two week missions trip. While the Internship is up to 29 days. Both trips include time of individual and group abiding time with the Lord, a time of teaching, and a time of sowing the gospel. The internship trip will include some language classes as well. Each trip is a little different depending on what is going on at the time of your visit. If you are feeling led by the Holy Spirit to come and learn/reach the lost we welcome you with open arms. 


The Covid rules and regulations for traveling are back and forth and that is something you will need to make sure and follow up with at the time of your travel. However, as of right now the United States is requiring covid testing to fly in and out of the Country. The Country itself may have some requirements as well and this is something we will be sure to communicate and discuss with you as we work towards getting your trip in order. 


Costs for intensive: 

Your Responsibility:

• Airfare/travel, passport fees, and any desired vaccinations (check the CDC website) are NOT included in field costs. The average round trip ticket is around $1200.

• Lodging: Will be finalized once final number of trip members is known. The price is usually around $35/person per day.

• Personal spending money: While the daily food budget may include a coffee, it won’t buy two. Any extra luxuries and souvenirs should be considered personal expenses and are not part of the following budget. Prices are around 25% higher than in America.

On the Ground Budget: $1,100-$1150 per person 

Insurance (11 days with travel) $4.50/day = $50.00 

Traveling day meals (through the airports)$25.00/total = $50.00

 Lodging (10 nights) $35.00/day = $350.00 

Meals & Transportation (10 days in country) $25.00/day = $250.00 

Local LDI Team Contribution (covers transportation, outreach, local partner honorariums, Gospel materials) $450.00/total = $450.00 

Total estimated cost: $1,125.00


Internship costs: Expense 4 weeks (29 days)

This is a little over double the time as the intensive. Based on the costs above and the time frame the estimated cost is $2820.50