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Nurture Hope Network, International Ministries

Opportunity #2877

MA (1-2 years)

Type: Writing, Editing and Translating

Trauma tends to be an uncomfortable and taboo subject—especially sexual trauma. Do you want to influence how, when, and where we talk about trauma? Serve with us! Missionary Associates with Nurture Hope are globally assigned—we can actively engage with workers worldwide.

Can you check each of the boxes below? Then you might be the worker for whom we have been searching!

  • Research is fun for you.
  • You enjoy synthesizing what you learn.
  • You understand how to write a curriculum.
  • You understand/have worked with sexual trauma survivors.
  • You want to influence the sexual trauma narrative by writing curriculum and podcast episodes.
  • Teaching worldwide both excites and scares you.
  • You look forward to collaborating with the Let’s Talk Trauma team.

This opportunity is almost always open.