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Global Initiative: Reaching Muslim Peoples, International Ministries

Opportunity #2257

MAPS Volunteer (1-11 months)

Type: Administrative and Church and Outreach

Global Initiative is seeking a motivated self-starter who would like hands-on experience in planning, organizing, and executing a Muslim Awareness Seminar in the United States. The intern, under the guidance of a Global Initiative missionary, will create a plan for conducting a seminar at a local church. This person will communicate with pastors in that area to encourage participation in the seminar. The intern will conduct research on the Muslim population of the area and will communicate extensively with the hosting church leading up to the seminar and be present during the sessions. Note: Though this is a remote assignment, at least one trip to Springfield, MO, will be required, as well as travel to the Muslim Awareness Seminar, if it is outside of the area where the intern lives.