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MAPS Volunteer (1-11 months)

MA (1-2 years)

Type: Administrative, Business As Missions, Children's Ministry, Church and Outreach, Church Planting, Community Development, and Secretarial, Office, Administration and Clerical

Seeking someone with an interest and heart for children with special needs and their families. No need for extensive soccer knowledge, but experience with children with special needs is preferred. Our small soccer program for children with special needs offers an opportunity for families to find community, encouragement, and acceptance. Watch as children grow and families become open to new possibilities. Share the truth of God’s promises for their children and their families as fun on the field turns into deeper conversation and relationship.

Someone in this position will assist with planning and scheduling, energetically engage with players on the field, and intentionally seek relationship with those around them. Come join our team – share hope and welcome Southern Asians into the community of God’s family for a month, a year, or more!

Seeking someone who has experience with kids with Special Needs.

* Sensitive Area