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Wide Open Missions

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Thailand, Asia Pacific


MAPS Volunteer (1-11 months)

MA (1-2 years)

Type: Children's Ministry, Counseling/Therapy, and Youth Ministry

The International school in Chiang Mai has an opening for a dorm assistant to help them with the ministry to TCKs. They run it like a home and there are 12 MKs that range from 7th grade to 12th graders.

This is really ideal for a twenty-something that is wanting to give a year. The cost per month for housing is only $200 and includes meals and a private room and bathroom. Their visa would be through the WEC system and they would need to go to a 10-day orientation for child protection, etc. Potentially, this opening is a spot for a TCK that has overseas experience and can relate to these kids. Other expenses are not listed yet.