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Italy, Europe


MAPS Volunteer (1-11 months)

MA (1-2 years)

Type: Church and Outreach, Drama/Arts, and Music Ministries

We are looking for someone with an abiding and committed relationship with God, a person who practices humility and is teachable, a worshiper of God in music as well as in life style, creative in the arts and able to complete projects, a person who dreams big for God. We will consider someone who may not have an amazing ability necessarily but a pure heart for worship, a musician (either piano or guitar-we'd have to think about an accordion player!!) who can lead people into an atmosphere that exalts God. They must be a kind and honest person.

Currently we have a facility that could house someone or a couple at a greatly reduced rate which would help budget-wise. A monthly budget would probably be around $3000 or possibly less. A typical day would be the preparation and practice for Sunday and mid-week service, working with the pastor on songs, projects, creative art activities such as dramas, music videos and designing powerpoint presentations for the service. This opportunity can work for a year internship for a university student.