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MAPS Volunteer (1-11 months)

We invite believing young adults from Turkey and around the world to join our internship. We road trip across Turkey with no plans, other than exotic places and people on our hearts. We camp, trek, explore, dance and display our joy to bring hope to the lost. We stop and drink lots of coffee and tea at university cafes. We make friends by inviting them to teach us Turkish culture, language and history. We often find ourselves inviting new friends for a hike or a campfire meal. We listen to their story tell ours and then share God’s story. We abide in centuries old abandoned churches and monasteries left in ruins. Come experience the work of veteran truth and love proclaimers. Stand, sit and walk by our side as we model and assist bringing hope to the hopeless. 

If you like to chat over chai in seaside cafes, trek across glaciers and see faces come alive while the gospel is preached by the light of the campfire, this internship is for you.

June 4-July 8, Cost: $1700 plus airfare to Istanbul. 

* Sensitive Area