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Fulfilling an MA term can be a foundational experience for those considering the possibility of a career in missions. By spending a year or more thoroughly engaged in missions, MAs have time to build stronger relationships with local friends, learn the language, and assimilate into the culture.


  • 18 years or older
  • U.S. citizens or valid resident alien permit that allows travel to and from the U.S. with a valid U.S. work permit that allows return to the U.S. after living in another country for a year or more.
  • Born again Christian and growing believer
  • Consistent in your personal devotional life
  • Faithful to your local church
  • Limited personal debt

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Getting Started

Step 1: Application


Fill out and submit an application. 

If you have served as an MA within the last 5 years, please choose reapply. All applicants must be 18 years of age. If you are under 18, please contact missionaryassociate@ag.org.

Note: If you are using a Mac, Safari is not compatible with the application site. You can download and use Chrome.

New Applicant     Reapply

Additionally, download the Health Information Report form by selecting the link below. Schedule a time to meet with your physician to complete the report. The Health Information Report is a mandatory part of the Missionary Associate application process and requires a physician’s review, input, and signature. A form must be completed for each individual in a family unit. For example, if you family is composed of 2 adults and 3 children, 5 Health Information Reports must be completed. This report will be requested and reviewed during “Step 2: Initial Process” (see below). If you have any questions, please contact missionaryassociate@ag.org.

Health Information Report

Step 2: Initial Process

(2 to 8 weeks)

After initial review, your application specialist will contact you with updates and be available to answer questions. Your district will be contacted for a reference, other references will be compiled, the completed Health Information Report(s) will be reviewed, and credit and background checks will be completed.

Step 3: Screening Process

(2 to 8 weeks)

When references and information have been received, your file will be reviewed.

Step 4: Placement Process

(3 to 6 weeks)

Assignment details are discussed and finalized with the mentor missionary and area director.

Step 5: Approval Process

(1 to 2 weeks)

When your assignment details have been received, your file will be prepared for presentation to your regional director. Once final approval is given, you will be notified and an email sent to you with your assignment details.

Step 6: Pre-Field Orientation (PFO)

MAs are required to attend PFO. PFO is held three times a year in March, June, and October. You can visit our Events page for exact dates. During the summer PFO, the Missionary Kid (MK) office hosts special pre-field preparation for all children ages 0-18 with age-specific activities designed to help children prepare for life overseas. For this reason, couples with children should plan to attend summer orientation. PFO costs are part of the budget raised. 

Once Approved


Assemblies of God Credit Union

Begin the process of opening your AG Credit Union account online. This account will serve as your personal account and should NOT receive contributions. This account will receive your monthly disbursements once you begin your associate assignment.

Online Contributions

Encourage supporters to contribute online by submitting a one-time credit card payment, commitment form, and/or setting up regular monthly contributions.

New Commitment & Donation Activity Report Emails

Email Brad Englund to receive activity reports as funds and/or monthly commitment forms are submitted toward your AGWM account.


Missionary Associates are required to enroll under the Assemblies of God World Missions health insurance policy for Missionary Associates. This expense is included in the monthly budget. Insurance coverage does not begin until the day of departure to the field.

Publicity Photo

Submit a publicity photo that is at least 1 MB in size to Roseann Witherspoon via AG Uploads to TGriffin@ag.org.

Final Clearance

An MA MUST obtain final clearance from the Mobilization Office before departing for the field. Contact the MA Itineration Specialist for more information.

1.) Financial Clearance—An MA must raise their required budget in full before being able to work on the following next steps. Final Clearance will not be given until all of these steps have been completed.

2. Visa Clearance—Contact Missionary Services at 417-862-2781, ext. 3114, to begin this process. They guide MAs through the process and inform them of what needs to be completed. Please send a copy of the VISA once obtained. If a VISA cannot be obtained before arrival in the country, an email from the MA’s mentor missionary will be required stating the receival of the VISA will occur shortly.

3. Insurance Clearance—Contact Missionary Services at 417-862-2781 ext. 3126) for the insurance papers upon recieving financial clearance in order to make arrangements for mandatory insurance coverage. Forms will be sent to be completed in a prompt  manner. Once the MA is within 60 days of their departure date, turn in the insurance paperwork. This processing can take a day or two so it is essential to get these to Missionary Services in a timely fashion. Insurance will be effective the day of departure.

4.  Mentor/Regional Clearance—After financial and visa clearances are obtained, determine the date of arrival to the field. Communicate this information to the MA Itineration Specialist. The itineration specialist will require an email from the MA’s mentor stating the agreed-upon departure date. Once this email is received, the regional office will be contacted for approval and the MA will then be informed when their travel has been officially approved.

5. Travel Clearance—Contact Missionary Services 417-862-2781 ext. 3114 once Mobilization has communicated official travel approval. At that time, airline tickets may be purchased. Email the itinerary to Missionary Services and they will notify Mobilization of the MA’s travel clearance. Again, contact Missionary Services for more information, recommendations, and guidance before buying your tickets.

  • STARTUP Funds: If the MA wants funds upon arrival to their assigned country, they will need to contact their AGWM Financial Services Specialist. This will allow our financial specialist time to transfer startup funds to the MA’s AGCU or other bank account. It is the MA’s responsibility to contact their Financial Services Specialist to coordinate departure dates and disbursement of funds. Make this a high priority task!  

6. Final Clearance—Final Clearance is AGWM’s permission to leave for the field. This is given after all the other clearances are completed and the relevant offices are notified. An MA must receive Final Clearance before leaving for the field!

Financial Guidelines

Financial Guidelines for MA’s
Missionary Associates have extremely limited budgets; therefore, financial accountability is an area we seek to fully understand and accurately represent during the application process. Missionary Associate applicants should not be overly indebted. Debts should be reasonable, without excessive repayment schedules that would cause hardship and financial stress. That being so, financial obligations should not exceed a maximum of $250 per month (not including house/auto payments)

Should a Missionary Associate exceed this maximum, or would exceed without benefits currently received, a financial plan is requested. The plan should detail the following:

  • How you will bring your monthly payments under the debt maximum of $250
  • How and when you will execute your plans
  • What has already been implemented

Student Loans
If you are currently deferring student loans, please inform us of the following:

  1. Anticipated monthly payments
  2. When your student loans will no longer be deferred
  3. If you are currently making payments despite deferment

Payment Assistance
If your family, friends, and/or church are partnering with you to pay your debt or will be taking responsibility for part or all your payments, please submit a notarized document from them explaining their financial responsibilities in accordance with your debt.

Unpaid Bills
Please send a signed statement detailing your plan to pay down your unpaid bills. If you have paid your bills completely, please request a statement from your creditor to verify your bills have been paid in full.

Voluntary Repossession/Foreclosure/Bankruptcy
Please provide a detailed explanation of the circumstances surrounding this decision


What if I want to go overseas for less than one year?

Missionary associate assignments are for one to two years. The Short-Term program offers shorter opportunities of 11 months or less.


What if I am not 18?

You will need to wait to apply for the missionary associate program until you are 18. However before age 18, you can still experience missions through AIM trips.

What if I am not a U.S. citizen or able to work in the U.S.?

Due to governmental restrictions we are only able to process people who are able to earn an income in the United States. We recommend you contact the national church in your country for further information about their missions opportunities.

What if I do not attend an AG church?

Not attending an AG church does not automatically disqualify you for the missionary associate program. This issue is determined on a case-by-case basis according to input from the district where you reside. We recommend you contact that AG district for further direction. For contact information for your district office, please click here.

What if I have debt of more than $250 per month?

We would require that you be under the $250 level by the time you leave for the field. Many associates work out the details of paying off credit card debt and selling a home or car as they raise funds to leave for the field.

What if I have school loans?

Most school loans can be deferred during the time of your assignment. Our office will be able to provide verification of your assignment and financial status if necessary. Contact your lending agency for further information.

What if I am divorced?

Being divorced does not automatically disqualify you for the missionary associate program. Each situation is considered on a case-by-case basis.

What if I do not have ministerial credentials?

Credentials are not needed to serve a missionary associate assignment. This program is specifically designed for people who do not hold ministerial credentials.


What if I want to serve in a country or position that is not listed?

Even if a country or specific ministry is not listed, it may still have need. We will seek out placement in the country and position of your desire when you apply. We will contact you if placement is not possible and seek to find placement for you close to your request.

Getting Started

How long will it take before I am on the field?

It takes 2 to 4 months for approval of an assignment. Then, on average, it takes about 7 months to raise the budget, attend Pre-Field Orientation, and secure a visa.

What will happen once I am approved?

You will be required to raise your budget, attend a Pre-Field Orientation, and obtain final clearance before leaving for the field.


When can I start raising my funds?

You will be able to start raising your funds once final approval is given. At that time we will open a World Missions account for you where support for your assignment can be sent.