Wide Open Missions

Find Out Where You Can Experience the Call

What is Wide Open Missions?

Wide Open Missions, operated by Mobilization and Development, is the official placement service of Assemblies of God World Missions.

We facilitate missionary training events, processes career missionaries, missionary associates, short-term ministers abroad, short-term teams, and MAPS volunteers; and track the itineration process of missionaries as they raise funds and prepare for the field.

Why Choose AGWM?

By serving with us, you will:

  • Become part of a growing worldwide fellowship of believers in more than 250 nations, territories, and provinces.
  • Be able to draw on 100-plus years of established missionary experience, including the security of proven missions priorities and methods.
  • Receive mentoring from veteran missionaries.
  • Build on relationships developed with national churches.
  • Have the prayer, care, communication, and financial support of believers who are passionate about proclaiming Jesus and making disciples.
  • Be assisted by knowledgeable staff on your journey to the field.

How Can You Get Involved?

Getting Started

Discover and participate in what God is doing around the world by getting involved in missions. Thousands of people serve with AGWM each year, whether assisting missionaries for one month to two years or by dedicating their lives to fulfilling the Great Commission as career missionaries. You can read more about these categories of ministry by selecting the Go Short-Term, Go 1-2 Years, or Go Career options at the top of this page.


Short-Term & 1–2 Years

Pre-Field Orientation (PFO) is a 1–2 week training conference in Springfield, Missouri, that provides the necessary tools and encouragement for successful ministry abroad. This is a rich opportunity to interact with experienced missionaries, as well as to gain insight from missions leadership.

PFO is a requirement for all missionary associates. PFO is not available for volunteers serving less than four months or for team members.

This training is offered three times each year in March, June, and October. Once approved, missionary associates (or MAPS volunteers if they are invited to attend) are added to the next available PFO according to their availability. Families with children accompanying them to the field must attend in June in order to participate in the missionary kids program.


Our Missionary Training program is essential to help new missionaries prepare for the complexities of living overseas. Each session is designed to strengthen, inform, and encourage them to be prepared to handle situations they may encounter on and off the field. In addition, this is an opportunity to network with veteran missionaries, as well as receive encouragement from missions leadership. This training is mandatory for all career missionaries and is offered each June in Springfield, Missouri.