Wide Open Missions

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(For Ministry Related Trips) 

  • Be invited by an AGWM missionary
  • Serving 31 days or less
  • Be a believer in good standing with your local church.
  • Be in agreement with AGWM policies regarding overseas trips.

Assemblies of God world missionaries are not to accept teams or individuals who do not complete registration through AGWM. AGWM Travel Insurance is required for registration and can be used as a supplemental insurance.


Select the registration method below that best fits your travel plans: 

If you have already been issued a username because you have registered a trip before, please skip to step #5 and log in to register.



(Less than 31 days in duration)

Step 1: Designate a team leader and a team coordinator. The team leader is the person who will lead the team on the field. The team coordinator is the person responsible for the team’s paperwork and completing the registration process with AGWM. The team coordinator will proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Submit the Team Coordinator Application Form to mapsteams@ag.org.**

**The form will need to be completed on a PC with Adobe Reader in order to use the electronic signature lines.

Step 3: Complete your background check. Check your emails for the invitation from Trusted Employees.

Step 4: Receive your username via email from AG Passport Services.

Step 5: Sign in to the online team application site. Click on Create a Trip to start, and then click on your new trip ID number to move forward. *We recommend that you add the site to your favorites/bookmarks for easy access.

MAPS Teams Application Site


For Individuals, Couples, or Families Doing Ministry-Related Activities

(Less than 31 days in duration)

Complete the assessment form at this link:

Non-Teams, Ministry Related

An application specialist will assist you personally with registration.

Invited Guests

For Invited Guests Doing Non-Ministry Related Activities

Complete the assessment form at this link:

Invited Guests, Non-Ministry

An application specialist will assist you personally with registration.


Visit our Insurance section for more information.

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Important Information related to travel safety and security, Visas, etc.

FAQ's For Team Hosts

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