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In compliance with Internal Revenue Service regulations and General Council guidelines and for the protection of our AGWM missionaries, we require all team members and volunteers to purchase AGWM-provided insurance and complete the online registration prior to departure.

  • Serving one month or less.
  • Be invited by an AGWM missionary.
  • Be a believer in good standing with your local church.
  • Be in agreement with AGWM policies regarding overseas trips.

If you do not have an invitation, you can check out our Opportunities page or contact Pipeline for help getting connected with a missionary.

Individuals, Couples, or Families

Individuals, couples, or families often take vacation time to serve on short-term assignments, or as invited guests of our AGWM personnel. For these types of trips, please register by emailing mapsteams@ag.org.


Teams are groups from churches, colleges, or other institutions traveling together to serve a short-term assignment. Register below.


The online registration system allows team coordinators to pay construction funds and insurance with their credit card. The deadline for registration completion is one month prior to departure. If your team is paying a per diem, you will pay separately through the Contributor Services department: 417-862-2781, Ext. 8840. Please make sure your per diem is sent at least six weeks prior to your trip departure.

Assemblies of God world missionaries are not to accept teams or individuals, who do not complete registration through AGWM.

Step 1

To acquire your username and permission to begin the online registration process, submit a Team Leader/Coordinator Application to mapsteams@ag.org (for help downloading, click here). 

Designate a team coordinator—the person responsible for the team's paperwork and completing the registration process with AGWM.

  • Designate a team leader—the person leading the team on the field (may or may not be the same person as the team coordinator).
  • After the Team Leader/Coordinator form is submitted, AGWM personnel will request a login account for the team coordinator for access to the online team application site.

Step 2

  • Set up your password. You will receive an email with your username and a link from AG Passport to set your password.
  • Once your password is set up, exit the AG Passport site and follow Step 3.

Please save your login information in a secure location; you will use this account to register future teams as well.

Step 3

  • Sign in to the online team application site. We recommend that you add the site to your favorites/bookmarks for easy access and use Internet Explorer for best results.


Visit our Insurance section for more information.

Visit our Emergency Information section for more information.


Giving Credit Guidelines

You must meet the following requirements for your church to be considered for AG Total Giving Credit:

  • Register your trip online with AGWM.
  • Complete the adult or minor Registration Packet.
  • Purchase the required ACE/Chubb insurance ($4.50 per day, per person, including dates of travel). This insurance is meant to supplement, not replace, the team members’ insurance.
  • Submit the Team Expense Report no later than 30 days after returning from the trip. This complies with our missionary reporting requirements for a special cash disbursement mandated by IRS accountability reporting and is essential to grant World Missions giving credit to the church.

Helpful Information

Teams Hosts FAQ

Parental Consent and Minors

Overseas Risk Management

Travel Information


Teams Office
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Fax: 417-862-1878

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Marlene Mayes: Africa | Eurasia | Europe  
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Customer service is available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. CST.