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Spain, Europe


MAPS Volunteer (1-11 months)

MA (1-2 years)

Type: Media and Technical (Computer, Graphics, Web, Sound)

Work with the team of International Media Ministries to "put Jesus on every screen." You can bring your skills and interest to IMM for a short-term mission of a year, two, or even three!

-- Should be motivated to learn all aspects of studio, and on location productions.

-- Assist during setup for a shoot, during the shoot, and during normalization.

-- Set up and dress sets.

-- Operate mic booms.

-- Assist in moving cameras, makeup and wardrobe, as well as pre-production like talent search and scheduling.

-- Research copyrights for purchasing footage.

-- Location scout with producer.

-- Correspond/coordinate aspects of a project (i.e. location scout, get permissions, email talent, find music or follow up someone else on music).

-- Find footage for projects in IMM library.

-- Digitize past productions and participate in editing and post production as skill level allows.

-- Big plus, be a nerd/geek and like movies (especially Star Wars)

Spanish and other foreign language abilities encouraged.

Local church involvement: Weekend involvement with local ministries is encouraged.

Housing arrangements: Bedroom with shared living space and kitchen and bathroom. Housing provided by IMM with fair rental amounts.

Transportation: Good public transportation system; 2yr terms will have the option to go to driving school and receive your license in which an IMM vehicle will be available for your basic living needs (i.e. bank, grocery store, doctor, etc.)