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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age requirements?

Missions applicants must be at least 18 years old.

What if I’m younger than 18?

You can contact our Pipeline youth advocate at youthpipeline@ag.org to find out how you can get involved in missions prior to turning 18.

When will I receive approval?

The length of the application process varies by category. Team registration must be completed at least one month prior to departure. Short-term volunteers typically take two to four months to process, and missionary associates can take up to six months. The application process for career missionaries takes six to nine months.

How will my overseas ministry be financed?

All missions personnel are responsible for raising their funds. A budget will be established based on field of ministry and length of assignment. Career missionaries raise their budget by ministering in churches, where they seek prayer and financial support, as well as enlisting support from friends and family. Missionary associates and short-term volunteers may raise funds through their home church, friends, and family, or use personal accounts.

How much personal debt is allowed?

The monthly maximum debt allowance varies for each missions category. There is no debt limit for short-term volunteers. Both career missionaries and missionary associates have a designated debt maximum that takes into account personal as well as educational debt.

What qualifications are there?

Specific qualifications vary according to category, field assignment, and length of service.

Do I have to learn a language?

This is dependent upon the length of assignment and the field of ministry. If language learning is required, arrangements will be made for you to attend a language school. In some cases, a concentrated year of study is expected.

I’m not from an Assemblies of God (AG) background, and/or I do not currently attend an AG church. Can I still apply through your sending agency?

Many short-term volunteers come from various church backgrounds; we simply ask that you be in good standing with your local church. For missionary associates, approval is dependent upon each AG district and the length of service requested. However, career missionary applicants must have an endorsement from their AG district missions director.

What kind of ministry will I be doing?

There are countless opportunities for ministry, such as evangelism; children’s, youth, or adult ministries; outreaches; camps; student ministry; compassion ministry; relief work; construction; literature distribution; and door-to-door visitation. There are also opportunities to use specialized skills in vocational roles such as teachers, administrators, computer specialists, Web designers, and medical professionals.

With whom will I be serving?

Team members, short-term volunteers, and missionary associates serve alongside a career missionary to assist the needs of the ministry. The career missionary will provide guidance and help facilitate ministry opportunities.

Is AGWM insurance mandatory?

Yes. All teams and individuals working with an AGWM missionary are required to purchase AGWM-provided insurance for the entirety of their approved trips, without exception. This ensures that the host missionary is prepared to handle any medical or evacuation needs while volunteers travel abroad. Insurance coverage is in addition to (not a replacement for) any personal policy an individual or team member may already have. 

Is there any training available?

Career missionaries and missionary associates are required to attend orientation/training in Springfield, Missouri, prior to their departure to the field. Once individuals receive final approval for their assignment, they will receive an official invitation to orientation/training.

How do I donate to an MA?

Assemblies of God World Missions requires completed commitments to equal the amount of the missionary associate’s budget before the missionary associate is authorized to leave for the mission field. Please help missionary associates get to the field by completing and sending this commitment form.

Give a one time gift or set up a recurring payment to your credit card. It's secure and convenient.

For use by individuals and/or churches to make financial commitments to Missionary Associates (or any AG missionary or ministry).

*To give to a missionary associate in a sensitive country, you will need to search with their account number rather than their name.