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Netherlands, Europe

Opportunity #2837

MA (1-2 years)

MAPS Volunteer (1-11 months)

Teams (up to 1 month)

Career (3+ years)

Type: Campus Ministry, Children's Ministry, Church and Outreach, Church Planting, and Music Ministries

Campus Ministry- Several Opportunities


Are you passionate about the next generation heading to the marketplace and the world? Look no further! Rotterdam demographically is overflowing with young adults and bursting with diversity.


When you are here, you’ll meet individuals from another country in the majority of conversations you have because there are more internationals than Dutch in the city. We believe the college campus is a strategic place for discipling the next generation, which some will stay, and others will take with them the foundations gained here wherever they go globally.


We invite you to join us in discipling, reaching and loving the next generation of leaders on the college campus in Western Europe. Here you will gain perspective and understanding of a secular culture that is skeptical and has rejected God but is hungering for relationship!


For our students and you, we believe this is an equipping and launching pad to the nations! Our hope is for you to dive into ministry and missions in a place that the common language is English. From there, you are in positioned in a great place to continue in however He leads you, whether to stay, possibly take out a pioneering team to another campus or whatever else He says!


We are excited to witness God transform us as individuals/His body in Rotterdam, the next generation and ultimately the nations together! Reach out to us with the areas of ministry you feel called to on the college campus from discipling to outreach!


Church Plant- Numerous Opportunities


Rotterdam is unique in countless ways from diversity, architecture to a strategic launching pad for missions! We believe there is a place specifically for you!


Located in secular Europe gives us a fresh outlook on those who are skeptical, due to a culture and history that has walked away from religion. Most have rejected religion but are hungry for relationship. Our core call in this city is doing ministry around the table through relationships and community.


One of our favorite things about the placement of planting a church in Rotterdam is that this city is known as the Gateway to Europe! We live in a harbor city that daily receives and sends shipments globally. The majority of goods entering and leaving Europe are directly processed in our harbor. We believe that is exactly what God has planned to do as a sending location for the gospel to the nations.


The majority of Rotterdam is international, which means more people speak English than Dutch. Due to this, it creates a rare opportunity to come and dive into ministry and getting a taste of missions before becoming fluent in the host language because almost everyone here is fluent in English.


Would you pray about joining the mission God has given us for planting a church that is an equipping and launching pad? We would love to hear from you about the area of ministry you feel passionate about from kids to worship leading! Short or long term, we would love to do this with you!