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England, Europe

Opportunity #2940

Volunteer (up to 1 month)

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MAPS Volunteer (1-11 months)

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Type: Campus Ministry, Children's Ministry, Church and Outreach, Church Planting, Evangelism, Media, Music Ministries, and Youth Ministry

Ever heard of C.T. Studd, the Cambridge alumnus who famously declared, "Some wish to sit within the sound of church or chapel bells. I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell"? Well, we have a mission that would make even Studd's adventurous spirit proud. It all happens on the southern coast of England, where a staggering 72% proudly wear the badge of atheism. But amidst the secular landscape lies an opportunity – a chance to bring light to the darkness, hope to the hopeless, and faith to the faithless.

Stretching along an 85-mile coastline from Portsmouth to Hastings, there's only one lonely beacon of hope – a single national Assemblies of God church. Now, let's zoom in on Brighton, a bustling city teeming with nearly 300,000 souls hungry for something more. Two universities, three colleges, and five language schools paint a vivid picture of diversity and opportunity. The need for the Gospel in this spiritual desert is dire, but fear not – we're rolling up our sleeves and planting seeds of faith with the Great Britain Assemblies of God. We need you! If you're ready for an adventure, a God-sized dream, then look no further. There are countless avenues for outreach and ministry just waiting for a brave soul to say "Yes!" We're not just looking for talent; we're searching for hearts on fire.

So, if you're ready to dive headfirst into the adventure of a lifetime, if you're ready to make a difference where it matters most, then welcome aboard. This could be the place where your calling meets its match. Are you up for the challenge?