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Scotland, Europe

Opportunity #2982

MA (1-2 years)

Career (3+ years)

MAPS Volunteer (1-11 months)

Type: Children's Ministry, Church and Outreach, Church Planting, Community Development, Evangelism, Media, Music Ministries, and Youth Ministry

We are currently located in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland.  This area is 500 (roughly) miles and home to almost a quarter of a million people.  The churches that have traditionally been in the area have been closing for years.  There is very little representation of the gospel.  Less than 2% of the population has ever heard the simple message that Jesus loves them.

God sent us here to plant churches.  There has never been a successful AoG church plant in the area.  We want to ignite generations with the love of Christ and encourage them to share Him with others.  Along the way we have planted children’s ministries here and aided in a church plant in Edinburgh.  We are looking forward in excitement and expectation as we move into the next phase of the vision to which God has called us.

To that end: we need your help.  We need people who are passionate for rural ministry and love to build community and relationships.  The work here is anything but typical.  In a land of ultra-traditionalism, we want to bring a light of creativity, passion, love, kindness and family.  We believe in letting our light shine in every situation.  Hope to hear from you soon!